Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and I am feeling thankful for so many things. I have my wonderful husband and two absolutely great kids: one is in Spain right now and I am missing him too much. The other is here being her wild and funny self. I am also thankful for my friends and extended family. They have no idea how much they mean to me. And I am also so very thankful for all of the people that I have met since I have opened my fabric shop. 
Who would have known how people could touch my life and other lives just by opening a business. This last week we collected a barrel full of food for the Second Harvest Food Bank. People were very generous and everything collected will go to good use. That is something that I have learned about quilters: they are generous beyond measure. Just think what type of a world we would have if everyone quilted!
I hope that you are spending this Thankful Holiday with friends and family. Or, as some of you have told me, you really just wanted a little time to yourself to create and enjoy some peace and quiet. I just hope you can reflect upon and thank those who have made your life worth living...