Friday, June 19, 2009

Wow, it doesn't seem like a month since I last posted, but obviously it is!

This weekend is Father's Day. I approach this one with a bit of sadness. Not that my dad isn't here, because he is. It's just that he isn't here like he use to be.

Hey, he's 86 years old so what do I expect? Well, I really wish he were as aware of us all as he was a few years ago. It's not at all his problem. It's mine. It's me facing the fact that we all age, some more gracefully than others.

I'm hoping that I will be in the "more graceful" group. I don't know how you get there but I'm working on it. I have older women and men who I look up to because, no matter their age, they keep trying new things. They keep learning. They keep the "gray matter" working.

I was talking to my friend Jean, who is at least 82 if not older, has had a number of strokes, and stopped by to show me her photos from her digital photography class that she is taking at UC Santa Cruz! WOW! When I asked her why she was taking this class, she just said that she had an interest! She is a role model for me. She just keeps trying out new things.

But back to Father's Day. I know for most men, including my husband, Father's Day is no big deal. My husband thinks of it as any other Sunday. He doesn't want to be fussed over. We won't. We will just love him a little more often that day. I'm just really glad that he is still here, still growing, still learning, still experimenting, still in love with me. That makes it all so good. And he can still mess around with the kids, and they still try to get him. It is all good.

So, Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you, who you are now and who you use to be. You helped make me who I am and I am eternally grateful. Cheers!

And Happy Father's Day Jeff. If is wasn't for you, we wouldn't be parents and we would have missed out on this extremely fabulous trip we have had parenting. You convinced me to have a child. You were happy we had two. Thank you.