Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving of Thanks

It is almost here, that day of self-indulgence, of being with as much of the family as you can gather, to eat, drink and be merry. I'm hosting the family again, and I'm looking forward to the drinking and being merry. This year I've asked those who want to help with the meal to bring whatever they want. I did not need to know. I did not care. And boy has this caused a some confusion.

I will make the turkey, dressing, potato dishes, cranberry sauce. That's what I like. And if we have 5 pies to go with this, who could be upset. Not a balanced meal? Who cares. No greens! Get enough of that the rest of the time.

My friend, Thom Akins, quilter and beader extrodinaire, told me that at their Thanksgiving meals all they have is turkey, cranberries, and pie. I love that. He said who cares about the rest, that's all that they like so they indulge! Life is too short.

So we shall see what walks in the door tomorrow! I did buy (I can't believe it but I did) a pumpkin pie for my wonderful husband because he was stressing that maybe no one would bring one. I told him we could have it for breakfast on Friday!

Here's to being with those who you love and who love you back. There are so many who don't have this luxury.

And for those of you who are into the indulgence of shopping: enjoy your Friday. I'll be with my kids and husband, feet up, good book and some sewing by my side. Really, I have enough. They have enough. None of us is wanting for anything. And, in my own little way, I'm trying to go back to the days when we got one gift under the tree. And we were happy!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Veterans

I am one of the biggest Peace freaks around. I wear a peace symbol each and every day. I hate war. I hate fighting. But I support our military. I support each and every one of these fine men and women who have chosen to protect our country and others. I do not buy into what our military is doing right now. We must stop this war. We must leave. We cannot win. We have lost so many lives.

But last night I sat with my husband and watched something on the History channel about WWII. Wow. I've never studied war. I took to heart the hymn "Don't Study War No More" or whatever it is called. But I honestly did not realize how many people died in that war. How deeply brutal it was. My dad fought in that war but never, never spoke of it. And now he can't.

My nephew is in the Army as a Ranger. He knew I would be upset when he joined. I am very proud of him. And every time I see him, when we part I ask only that he return.

On this Veteran's Day we must honor those who have passed and those who currently served and those who still suffer the harshness of war. May we continue to work to honor and help all of those who come home, damaged, through no fault of their own. And work each day toward Peace.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SF Giants

I have been so caught up in this baseball team that I actually found myself making decisions around their post-season schedule! It all worked out as they are now the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! And I love it! I rushed home yesterday from a grueling 7:45 am hearing in Oakland to watch the parade, looking for my daughter who was in the crowd (like I could really see her!) and just basking in the excitement that this team has brought all of us.

LOVE it.

On Tuesday I was in San Francisco at another hearing. The hearing location is actually right next to AT & T park. No game but the crowds were huge. Everybody buying memorabilia of the Giants. People waiting 3 hours in line! The parking lots full. Yikes. But actually pretty cool to see it all.

On leaving I met an 82 year old man in the parking structure who had just bought a t-shirt for his 10 year old son. We struck up a conversation (well, he actually just kept talking to me) and I found out a lot about him and his military duty and his history and where he lives and way too much but I was being kind and listening.

What really got me is this gentleman told me that in December of last year he was in Lake Tahoe, gambling, and on a whim bought a ticket, on a lark, that the SF Giants would win the World Series! On a lark! For $10. He was just thrilled to tell the tale. The sparkle in his eyes. The joy on his face. His 82 year old spirit lifted by his chance purchase. Now, if he could only remember where he put his ticket!!! Oh well. He was sure that he would find it before it expires in December. And his winnings? $10,000! Amazing! Love this story.

So, this week we have had Halloween, winning the World Series, the election, the World Series Parade, and today we are back to a normal day. Or is it?!?

Enjoy your day.