Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Veterans

I am one of the biggest Peace freaks around. I wear a peace symbol each and every day. I hate war. I hate fighting. But I support our military. I support each and every one of these fine men and women who have chosen to protect our country and others. I do not buy into what our military is doing right now. We must stop this war. We must leave. We cannot win. We have lost so many lives.

But last night I sat with my husband and watched something on the History channel about WWII. Wow. I've never studied war. I took to heart the hymn "Don't Study War No More" or whatever it is called. But I honestly did not realize how many people died in that war. How deeply brutal it was. My dad fought in that war but never, never spoke of it. And now he can't.

My nephew is in the Army as a Ranger. He knew I would be upset when he joined. I am very proud of him. And every time I see him, when we part I ask only that he return.

On this Veteran's Day we must honor those who have passed and those who currently served and those who still suffer the harshness of war. May we continue to work to honor and help all of those who come home, damaged, through no fault of their own. And work each day toward Peace.


Jan said...

So well-said, Robin. I agree completely. I have a young cousin who joined the army right out of high school this year--he's almost finished with basic. After that he will train a medic. I have such mixed feelings and you articulated them well.


Robin said...

Thanks Jan.