Friday, June 18, 2010

June and Father's Day

June is such a wonderful month, what with school ending for the kids, brides getting married, our wedding anniversary, and Father's Day! Both my husband and dad have June birthdays which further expands our celebratory dates. And, while most of the time my husband and I forget our anniversary, I think this year we might just remember. But what is really worth remembering is the marriage, which has been very good and just getting better. Who would have thought that I would be married for 28 years and counting! Wow!

With all the fun things that June brings, this Father's day also makes my heart break. My dad has Parkinson's Disease. I HATE PARKINSON'S. I hate what it does to productive people. I hate that it traps my dad in his body, preventing him from being the vibrant person that I catch glimpses of in his eyes. I hate that it has taken him from me.

But what I have decided to do, to combat this, is to remember who and what he was, and just relish those memories, and accept that he is who he is now. It's not his fault. It's just the luck of the draw. And I know in my heart and soul that I am learning something from this. I'm just now sure yet what it is. Yet, I still have him to love and hug and remind me that all good things come to pass.

My husband should be honored this Father's Day also. He has been a truly wonderful father. My 23 year old son just called him yesterday and told him that he now sees that his dad was "right" about so many things. That is an honor! And my husband deserves it.

We all had or have Dads. Let's lift a toast to them and all that they have taught us. I know not all dads are good. I know some should not even be honored. But somewhere in your heart there must be that man who did make a difference in your life. Let him know. He deserves it!

Now I'll head back to my sewing and quilting and waiting for my new embellishing machine. That's my little reward for the care-giving that I'm doing with the fossils (my parents) these days.

Peace to all of you.