Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sewing, Quilting, Sewing

Last week, after years of debate with myself, I ordered and had delivered a new sewing machine. And I am in LOVE!

I've always sewn on Kenmore machines. I still have my grandmother's machine, in the cabinet, and it still works great. I have old Kenmores and fairly new Kenmores. They just work and work. But I wanted more and I wanted FAST and I wanted a deeper throat to help with quilting. So...

The Janome 6500P was the winner. And am I happy! No, I'm not making any money saying that I love this machine. It's just, with so many choices out there, and so many price ranges, I feel this was an excellent choice. It's fast, quiet, and has millions of features (not really) that I'll never use, but I am HAPPY.

I've been working on a new quilt. This one evolved because I couldn't toss out the left over fabric from a back of a wall quilt that I just finished. So I thought, huh, why not just make a bunch of half square triangles and see what happens. So, I made a bunch of half square triangles, and while they look nice, they were BORING.

So now what. Well, when in doubt I go back to my old stand by: slice and dice! I slice the blocks, add strips, slice and strip again, and, VIOLA, now I love my blocks. I'm almost done with the slicing and dicing and will be putting them up on the design wall. I'll send out a photo when I'm done...I am really excited about this one!

So keep on sewing, quilting, and sewing. And, yes, I am still the Nurse to my dear husband. In a few months I should be able to put this behind me too!