Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wonder of Silence

Living on the coast in California has been a challenge this last week. More rain falling more violently than I can remember. We are fortunate that there has not been any flooding or mud slides where we live. And for the most part, everything is just wet. We did lose our power for 24 hours.

I was surprised at how much I really expect to have electricity. What! I couldn't check my email, my etsy account, check in with others on Facebook. I was out of communication. With the exception of REAL communication, like TALKING to one another. Not emailing. Not texting ( I don't do this anyway). No Googling anything.

This at first was a bother, and then I realized that I was being give a reprieve. I didn't have to listen to the horrid news regarding the idiots in our Supreme Court. I did not have to watch the videos of Haiti. I didn't have to feel guilty by not giving during the televised fund-raiser. I've already donated. I don't need to be forced to give more.

It was nice to sit by the fire, in candle-light, with my husband and daughter, and TALK. We just talked about so many things. No noise. No music. No TV. No hum of the electronics. It was gently quiet. And peaceful. And, today reflecting back on it, purely wonderful.

No, I don't want to regress and cut the cord with the electric company. I do like my electronics. But I really believe that once in a while, we need to remember to get back in touch with us, with our inner beings, with quiet and peace.