Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Encouraged Blogging

I've wanted to get into this "blogging" thing for a while and yesterday, Michelle of encouraged me to just jump in and do it. So here I am! Let's see how it goes. 
I love to write and this may be the way for me to get it all out, instead of keeping it inside. 
I'm using this blog as a connection to my wonderful little fabric shop: Round Robin Fabrics in Santa Cruz California. I refer to my shop as my third child as some days it needs just as much attention. I do love sewing, Quilting, and experimenting with fabric. I'd love to use this spot as a means to keep those of you who are interested, in what is going on in the shop and in my life. I hope you will join me for the journey!
Thanks. And keep stitchin'.

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Runswithscizzors said...

Ha ha! I guess this is one way to keep up with each other, as long as you read my blog too!

This blog thing is especially funny, because mine is --
You, with your grammatically correct, get an "A", teacher's pet sort of nom de plume... and then mine is "everything you've ever learned in school into the trash" phonetic nonsense with the "zz"s on top, run it all together and hope someone can read it.

Us girls and our scissors, huh?
People should be very afraid.