Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social Media

I just really don't get the whole "social media" thing. What I see is a way to not have any social contact, other than one sided, linear, written contact. No voice. No interjections. No laughter. Nothing really personal, as in that nuance of the voice.

I've tried. I joined Facebook. I don't like what it has become. I don't like what I have become. I go there, hoping someone will have commented on something that I've posted. When no one does, I either delete it or go on, feeling like no one really cares. And then I wonder, is that what it is all about. Popularity?

I'm not one who needs hundreds of friends. If you are a friend on FB then usually I do know you. There are a couple of people that I admire and like seeing their posts, but for the most part, each person is someone that I do know.

But somehow the knowing for me is being diluted by having to post on FB what I am thinking. Will I offend? Will I inspire? Will I irritate? Does anyone really care?
And today I realized that that is it. NO one really cares. They care about posting, but this is not the way to show any true caring...

The younger generation may be all involved in their posting. They have experienced a very different world than one that I have matured in. To them this is nothing. But to me, I care. I want to know that I mean something. I take my words seriously. But I am not making any connection.

I'm done with Facebook. I'm tired of it taking my time, looking, waiting, posting, hoping that someone will respond and show me that I count. I think that is what the whole social media thing is about. Public Display showing that you Count! Well, I'm a very private person, always have been. I think and internalize a lot. I'm deep. And I guess I'm too deep to be what I feel is superficial, which is how I read "social media".

I don't have an iphone, ipad, cell service at my house. My cell is in the car, for me when I'm out and about. My convenience and safety net.

When I'm with others, I want to connect. But what I see is everyone else on their phones and pads and they are connecting outside, elsewhere, not being there. I have always taken to heart the statement by Marshall McLuhan "be here now". I live by that idea. Yes, I am still an old hippie, but I don't see a lot wrong with that.

So, if you want to connect with me, it won't be via Facebook. I am here, now, and open to communication. Real communication. No social media hype.



peggy said...

Well said! Are you mobile again, so we can finally do lunch?

Robin said...

Yes I am again mobile! Pick a date, time and place and I'll meet you there!