Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

This Veteran's Day is different. We've just had a horrible shooting at a major military base. Before these proud men and women could even leave our soil they were senselessly killed, by one of their own. What is going on? These are our people. They are US. We should be watching out for them on every level. We should strive to keep them from harm, as they are doing for us. Why was NO ONE paying attention.

This Veteran's Day comes prior to my nephew being deployed. He will be on the line, defending us. I pray that he will return. And even when he does return to us, he will be a different man. We will work to bring him back into the family fold. We will support him even more then.

This Veteran's Day I honor my Grandfather who fought in WWI. In kilts. He was a great man who left us too soon.

This Veteran's Day I honor my Father who fought in WWII. What a handsome young man he was. He is still handsome, in an old-man way. He is faltering in his movements, his speech, his thinking. But he is still here. And I am glad. I don't know how many more years we will have with him.

This Veteran's Day I honor my brother-in-law, the only person I am close to who fought in Vietnam. He is here, with us. Doesn't ever talk about the war. And is a wonderful man.

Six years ago I opened my fabric shop, Round Robin Fabrics, on Veteran's Day. I don't know what I was thinking other than I was really excited to be opening this business. I announced it at our quilt guild meeting the night before. They were excited too! It was a great opening.

But I was never open again on Veteran's Day, with the exception of two hours on the second year I was open. I'd received a phone call asking if I'd be open on Monday. I'd forgotten that Monday was Veteran's Day and said yes, I'd be open. But I didn't want to be. I don't think anyone should be making money on the backs of our Veterans. I hate Veteran's Day sales and never participate. But I'd told this person I'd be open, so there I was, in my shop, ready for business.

Shortly after 10 am a couple came in. I recognized them from having been in before, but really didn't know them. As they were going through the shop, selecting fabric, I thought that maybe these were the people who had called, and asked them. They said they were. I told them that I only came in for them and would be closing after they left. They didn't understand but I told them I really didn't want to be open on Veteran's Day. They were shocked that I came in and opened for them. I told them that I couldn't go back on my word, but that I was really glad that they came in early! That day I found a new friend in Becky Poisson. She and her wonderful husband, Michael, remain two very special people to me. They have since moved and retired to New Mexico and I no longer see them, but do remember them in my heart.

Just as I remember our Vets. Remember and honor those who you may know who have fought to keep our country free. This holiday was enacted to honor, remember, and enjoy our Peace, not to see what kind of deal one can get at the local Mall. I do not like all the hype of shop, shop, shop on Veteran's Day. But no one has asked me. If they had they would get an earful...

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