Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Today marks the 24th day of birth for my son. Amazing. He has brought us such joy over the years. And some strife, too, after all, he did go through those wonderful years that I refer to as "testosterone surges"! The end result was well worth it.
Why am I thinking of him this day. Mostly because I can't talk to him and that is torture for me. He is in nursing school and today was the first day of three in a row where he is doing "clinicals" which means he is on the floor, on the ward, from 7 am until 7 pm. And then what follows is some paperwork prep for the next day. So his is really under the gun.

He has followed a different path. Graduated from UCLA with a major in Spanish. Traveled to Barcelona for a semester of school. Trained as a Firefighter. Trained as a Paramedic. Spent years as a Lifeguard on our local beaches. Saved lives. Controlled crowds. Directed the tourists. And now medical school. So he can work in the ER. Hopefully on to become a Flight Nurse. In a helicopter. Flying into the most damaged and doing repairs and saving lives. Who would have known! This Magic Card player, this Leggo worker, this Water Polo player, this Rugby player...we never know where they will land, do we. Land, water, fire. He has dabbled in a lot. I wish him the very best, because he deserves it. And I hope he has comfortable shoes for these three days!

Peace on!


Jan said...

Oh my! These milestones are are so justly proud! He will be a stellar nurse wherever he lands!

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