Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Where do we find our community? I've found mine here in Santa Cruz county, one of the most marvelous places to live! Wasn't born here but spent so much of my childhood here that it has always felt like home.

When we made the decision to move from San Jose to Aptos, it was hard leaving the community that I had always known. We were moving only 45 minutes away yet it seemed like a world away. I still see my dad's face as we pulled out of the driveway on our last load to the new house.

From metropolis to beach town. From Silicon Valley to the beach. Quite a difference.

I found community at first with the kids and their schools and all the activity that entails. Then it was the kids sports and that involvement. And along the way I became a quilter and fiber artist.

It happened because our first winter here it rained for 19 days in a row and I needed to do something new and fulfilling. My sister quilted and I never understood why you would cut fabric into small pieces and then sew it back together.

But now I get it. Boy do I get it. And I haven't stopped since 1997!

And along with this new love came a new community. We have here one of the most fabulous quilt guilds ever. From the newbies to world famous quilters and fiber artists, all coming together to share their knowledge and learn together.

After finding the guild I decided that I needed more and opened my own Quilt shop, full of rich colors, wonderful people, and constant sharing of ideas. A warm, loving, giving community which stretched around the world as I had customers from all over the world. And I loved this community.

But things change and the shop had to go. What remains are connections to that community, memories of these communities, and the willingness to continue to build new communities.

Reach out and become part of those opportunities for community that arise. You never know what will grow from the experience.


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