Thursday, December 9, 2010


Social gatherings. Who, what, when and where was the best gathering that rocked my socks in 2010? I've got to say that it was a wedding, the first of our kids friends to get married, and the first for our dear friends.

We've known the bride since we moved here in 1997. She and my son were almost instant friends in elementary school and that friendship still exists today. Her parents became our dear friends and we are together several times a year to celebrate such holidays as the World's Shortest 4th of July parade and the lowest tide of the year. You know, those common events.

But back to the wedding! What made this so special was that it was also our daughter's 21st birthday. She wasn't thrilled, at first, then realized that it was a great way to start her partying! My son was home for the wedding and brought his wonderful girlfriend. We were all ready to celebrate this joining of two really special people.

The weather was great, but had been preceded by days and days of overcast and cold. The wedding took place at one of our local lighthouses. On the Jetty. At the ocean. Spray flowing over all of us to help cool down the air and just add to the joyous occasion. A very small and intimate affair, followed by a reception at a local restaurant.

Free flowing spirits. Music. Laughter. Fabulous food. And we danced our butts off. All of us. Together, a dancing family of joy and happiness for our dear friend.

Weddings are by nature a happy event, but this one was over the top. It seemed every person in attendance was at the top of their game. Laughter was loud and often. Cheers abundant. Congratulations on every lip. We were HAPPY in the most basic sense. Just sheer happiness overall.

It is such a pleasure to join together with those that you love, and to share in such an intimate occasion. I will never forget how I felt that night when I finally dropped into bed. The kids, however, continued on until 4 am with their partying! Ah, to be young again!

Joyful Noise!

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