Monday, December 6, 2010


I've registered for this series in which we write daily based on a prompt. And post on our blogs. At least that is what I think I'm to do, so here goes...

Make. What was the last thing that I made?

I just finished a wall hanging for myself, based on a design that I have up for sale at etsy. It is holiday inspired, but personally felt.

For days and days, whenever I was driving I was thinking about a White Dove. What could I do with it? Why was I focused on a white dove? What did it mean? So I looked at images of doves, spotted one I liked, pulled fabric and got to work.

The first dove piece I made was for JOY, not a person, just the joy of making it. Upon finishing my husband asked if I had drawn the dove. I confessed that it was an image from a religious site that lets you use them if you sign up for their doctrine. I didn't sign but used the image with some changes. I don't do religion.

So he asked me to draw a dove if I was going to make any more pieces. I reminded him that I do not draw, and he volunteered to draw one for me (one of the reasons that I married him) that I could use. And that is the dove that I used for my PEACE wall piece.

I love making these wall quilts. It frees my spirit. It opens up possibilities. It uses up my stash. It pleases others. It's fun. Sometimes people buy them.

But most of all, I now know why I was thinking of white doves. It is the beginning of something that I'm not quite sure of yet, but am willing to go toward.


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Jan said...

Your dove is marvelous! And now I'm inspired to do the daily writing prompt, too. I'd considered it and flaked, but you have made the difference--no rhyme or reason to it, but there it is!

BTW: HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am sew glad you were born! A boon for us all. :-)

love and big hugs,