Friday, December 10, 2010


We strive to be wise, to do the right thing, to have our actions and thoughts reflect us in a higher value. When I reflect back on 2010 I wonder where and when I was wise, and what was the wisest decision that I made.

I think the wisest decision was moving my studio into my son's bedroom. He told us that he wasn't coming home for the summer from school. He didn't need to have the room preserved for him any longer. It could become something else.

My daughter and husband urged, pushed, cajoled me to move into that space. After all, it was twice the size of the room that I was using, and it had so much light and higher ceilings. It would be great for me.

So I began the move. This entailed my boxing up what he had left here, and putting those things that were precious to him in storage. What a journey that was. The legos from his childhood, notes and reports from high school. Equipment from his summer job as a beach lifeguard. Each box was an event.

I cried that I was ruining the chances that he would ever return. How could I take over his childhood room? It wasn't right.

But after a while, I began to see what I could have if I did move there. The light. The space. The windows. The new and ever changing view. Maybe this would be ok.

His first visit home after the move was a little weird. He was in the guest room, now a guest. He didn't mind. He said is was ok.

And then I began to really enjoy my new space. In fact I found that I loved it! Just really loved being in that room. Exploring. Creating. Growing. Maybe that is what it was all about. He grew here. I helped him. And now his space is helping me.

Wisdom. To accept change and growth. To continue to explore. And to know that, in reality, it really is just a room. The home is what we do in the building.


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Jan said...

Very nice, Robin. I love the way this worked out for you, in spite of your sadness and misgivings.

This was a harder word for me--I posted mine on FB.

I'm finding this very satisfying, though, having done just 2 prompts.